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Tulikivi complies with the relevant local legislation concerning consumer protection and product liability.

Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces come with a 5-year factory warranty. The factory warranty concerns defects occurring within the warranty period which result from the stone material or from construction flaws. The authorized dealer is liable for the installation of the fireplace and shall repair any installation defects at his own expense.

1) The warranty period starts on the day of installation of the Tulikivi fireplace or stove. Soapstone is a stone formed from soft minerals.

Small hairline cracks in the soapstone, although unusual, may occur, however they do not affect the safety or functioning of the Tulikivi fireplace or stove and do not constitute a defect and are are excluded from the warranty. We have no control over the natural arrangement of colour or the uniformity of the natural stone materials and can therefore not guarantee a particular visual appearance of the finished fireplace or stove.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear or incorrect use. Parts made from metal, cast iron, firebox lining plates of heat accumulating fireplaces or Green accessories (such as heat exchangers, electrical heating elements, control and measuring systems) as well as thermometers and seals are given a 2-year warranty, provided that they are used according to the operating instructions. The door glass is covered for 1 year against manufacturing defects. Firebox lining plates of woodstoves are covered for 1 year.

2) A warranty claim can be accepted only if the buyer completes and saves the online warranty form in full immediately after the first installation of the Tulikivi fireplace or stove.

3) Any other or further claims for damages or warranty claims, whatever the legal reason, are not covered by the warranty. The warranty is effective only if the installation was performed by an authorized and trained Tulikivi dealer. Any subsequent changes, alterations or modifications to the fireplace or stove will render the warranty null and void. In addition to the installation instructions, national and regional regulations have to be observed when installing and connecting Tulikivi Green products.

4) Tulikivi Corporation or its representative reserves the right to check any complaints.

I hereby agree to my contact details being stored and used by Tulikivi for marketing purposes. These contact details will not be handed out to third parties.
I have read and agreed with the terms and conditions