User manuals

Caring for natural stone isn't difficult. A moist cloth is all that’s needed to retain your Tulikivi’s elegance over years of everyday use. If spills are common at your home, Tulikivi recommends that you treat the natural stone surfaces with Tulikivi Care protective products. Quick removal of wine, coffee, tea and the like will ensure easy clean-up. If necessary, you can renew the treatment later with Tulikivi Care protective products.


Below are our user manuals in pdf-format. In  them you'll find more information of how to keep your masonry heater running smoothly and looking clean.

Tulikivi Color coating
Tulikivi-uunin Käyttöohje.takkauuniryhmä 3
User manual for: Hiisi, Aalto, Kide-models.
Tulikivi-uunin Käyttöohje.pyörrepesät -06
User manual for Group 2 models (e.g Valkia), flatgrate ovens and bakeovens.
Tulikivi-uunin Käyttöohje, pyörrepesät -09
User manual for Group 1 models fireplace with bakeovens.


Quick guide for Hiisi, Aalto & Kide-models.

Quick guide for Group 2 models.
User manual for Norva.

Drying and first use of Nammi and Parna
User manual for Valkia 2D
 Karelia Collection
Karelia Collection