The Tulikivi story

First there was fire, then ice - ice which persisted and then grew to shock the world to its very foundations. The tectonic plates pushed against each other, creating mountain ranges and giving way to water. Under these pressures, in hellish heat, and in the heart of what were the Karelian mountains (and what is now the municipality of Juuka in Finland), competing forces collided and created something wonderful: stone was born, accompanying fire. More specifically, soapstone was created – this amazing material that holds an ancient secret within.

After the fury of these geological forces had subsided, it was time for humans to discover soapstone. A mystical stone: heavier than other rocks, yet it could be carved. Continuing Mother Earth’s work by shaping the stone further, humans fashioned magic tools, axes and artefacts from soapstone. The world was filled with evil spirits that soapstone kept at bay. Our brand promise covers all our products, be they heat-retaining fireplaces or design fireplaces, soapstone or ceramic bakeovens, electric or wood-fired sauna heaters, kitchen countertops, interior design products, flagstones or other natural stone products.

The ice age ended but it was still cold. Humans invented houses for protection, but the biting cold always found a way in, between the logs. Nothing staved off the cold – that is, until our ancestors realised the secret of soapstone: its ability to retain heat and then release it gradually.

Soapstone was used in fireplaces, houses, facades, pillars and staircases. From humble lakeside huts in Finland to the Russian Tsar’s court, it protected people against the cold world outside. Then, in the course of time, it also created Tulikivi. A company in the heart of which the ancient union of fire and stone is still as strong as it was in the bowels of the earth a billion years ago. The cold world outside comes no further than the doorstep. By combining nature’s ancient wonders with tomorrow’s innovations and today’s design, we bring genuine warmth and a piece of inimitable, elemental magic to the homes of the world.