The Composition of soapstone

Soapstone consists of soft minerals and therefore the stone can be easily sawn, sculpted and carved. When soapstone was formed, flakes of talc grew into magnesite, bonding the two minerals firmly together as a smooth, solid mass of stone.

Mineral composition:

Talc Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 40 - 50 %
Magnesite MgCO3 40 - 50 %
Chlorite H4(Mg,Fe)2Al2SiO11 2 - 10 %
Magnetite Fe3O4 0 - 15 %

The primary minerals that make up Tulikivi soapstone are talc and magnesite in almost equal quantities. It also contains chlorite and opaque minerals, the most common of which is magnetite.

The talc makes Tulikivi soapstone easy to work. Thanks to its exceptionally high magnesite content, it also has excellent strength properties. Although soapstone is easy to work, it has a dense structure and is not porous.