The advantages of heating with wood

Up to half of all the energy used in the home goes on heating. Water heating takes a fifth, and the rest – a third of home energy consumption – is used on home electrical appliances and lighting.

(Source: Vantaan Energia)

Wood heating is a sure-fire option. Storms, power cuts or other disruptions in energy distribution don't affect a Tulikivi masonry heater. You’ll obtain the best result from wood heating when you use a solid, heat-retaining heater. They combine high performance and heating efficiency and their stored heat is radiated into the room evenly and over a long period of time. 

A smart Investment

Using renewable energy sources reduces the dependence on fluctuating heating costs associated with fossil fuels. Furthermore, heating your home with wood provided by local forests and firewood producers also supports the local economy. Tulikivi provides a "green" cost-effective heating solution because it uses less wood to heat the same space than with a traditional wood stove. Tulikivi stores heat in the thermal mass of the soapstone therefore a two-hour burn can radiate heat for up to 24 hours producing clean, comfortable, cost-saving warmth. 

Clean air – inside and outside

A healthy heating system cannot be judged by its BTU output only, but by the quality of heat released by it. A Tulikivi masonry heater releases soft, constant radiant heat up to 24 hours. This heats up the walls of the building, thus preventing the generation of humidity (the main cause of mold) and therefore creating a fresh and healthy indoor climate. Less movement of air and healthy walls are the be-all and end-all of a clean and healthy indoor climate. Radiant heat greatly differs from the hard convection heat of traditional stoves.

A Tulikivi soapstone heater burns wood fast and completely (with an efficiency of more than 80%) and therefore uses almost all the existing energy. The emissions amount to only a small percentage of the world’s strictest allowances, which leads to a considerable reduction of carbon dioxide. A small amount of wood is enough to heat your space comfortably, making it a healthy gathering point for the entire family.

Radiant heat from a Tulikivi masonry heater provides fresh and comfortable warmth, not the burned and dry heat produced by convection heat in traditional wood stoves. Tulikivi’s heating method is recognized by Finland’s Asthma and Allergy Association. It’s a breath of fresh air in a green alternative heating source. 

Suitable firewood

Wood that’s over a year old is recommended as firewood. Wood chopped in the spring can be ready for burning in the autumn, but wood that’s over a year old will definitely be dry.

Chopped wood dries best when sheltered from rain and air is able to flow through the pile. The pile should stand on a wooden platform so that the firewood doesn’t make direct contact with the ground.

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