The most comprehensive product range on the market

Tulikivi has a very extensive product portfolio, offering designs suitable for both traditional and modern homes, that will keep their appeal.

The Tulikivi heater family includes models with modern lines and many traditional, timeless classics. Whether you like to bask in the heat or just love to watch the flames, you’ll find more than enough alternatives. Whatever your taste in interior decor and no matter what type of house you live in, it will be easy to find your favorite from our lasting designs. 

Technology inside

Our stoves are not only nice to look at, but come packed with technical innovation on the inside. Our modular products also allow for additions such as benches and shelves can be added to the new models. You can even custom design a fireplace to your specific needs. 


Tulikivi masonry heaters have beautiful, durable doors made of sturdy cast iron and fireproof ceramic glass. Doors have a patented air flow system that contributes to clean burning and keeps the glass clean. Tulikivi doors open and close smoothly and soundlessly. Tall and wide glass doors create a warm ambience.