TTU2700/8 XL

TTU2700/8 XL is six feet tall and easily fits in a room with a standard ceiling. Its single door firebox allows placement close to a wall.

With its square door and square corners, this model is particularly suitable for a house with a contemporary design, especially when the exterior stones are treated in Grafia or Nobile.

All TTU2700 models were specifically designed for the USA and Canada. They are large enough to heat North American homes, can be placed anywhere in a room and their fireboxes are deep enough for US sized firewood.

Colour/surface options


  • The high-quality cast iron doors are durable and easy to use.
  • Long heat release time.
  • Its high efficiency saves wood.
  • Very low particulate and carbon monoxide emissions, surpassing even the world’s toughest emissions standards.

Read more about the advantages of soapstone fireplaces.

Dimensions and drawings

Width40.2 in
Depth29.5 in
Height72 in
Weight5688 lbs
Firebox width15.7 in
Firebox depth14.4 in

Heating technology

Maximum amount of wood46.3 lbs
Heat storage capacity73,8 kWh
Area to be heated538-1184ft2
Heat release time,% of maximum power (h)
5,2h (100%)
21,3h (50%)
32,5h (25%)

Safety distances and flue connections

Safety distances
Back20 in
Side14 in
Flue connection details
Recommended flue diameter
ø 6, 7 or 8 in
Top vent