TTU2700/75 XL

TTU2700/75 XL is seven feet tall and particularly suitable for a room with a high ceiling. It comes with a bakeoven that can fired directly. Its single door firebox allows placement close to a wall.

All TTU2700 models were specifically designed for the USA and Canada. They are large enough to heat North American homes, can be placed anywhere in a room and their fireboxes are deep enough for US sized firewood.

Colour/surface options

Dimensions and drawings

Width0 in
Depth0 in
Height0 in
Weight6548 lbs
Firebox width0 in
Firebox depth0 in

Heating technology

Efficiency78 %
Maximum amount of wood46.3 lbs
Heat storage capacity73,8 kWh
Area to be heated646-1399ft2
Heat release time,% of maximum power (h)
5,1h (100%)
18,6h (50%)
29,9h (25%)

Safety distances and flue connections

Safety distances
Back20 in
Side14 in
Flue connection details
Recommended flue diameter
ø 6, 7 or 8 in