Why use wood for heating?

Having a fireplace in your home gives you the opportunity to be more self-sufficient when it comes to generating energy, as it is the only heating method that can be used independently of any other source. Heating a building with wood is an excellent way to achieve a ‘passive’ house and is easy to combine with other heating methods, for example re-using the heat generated within a heat exchange hot water system. Tulikivi fireplaces are also able to take air directly from outside with no effect on air conditioning inside a home.

Heating with wood is carbon neutral: the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide would be released if the wood decayed, but burning it allows the heat energy to be used efficiently. Switching to bioenergy, of which burning wood is an example, is an excellent way in which to contribute to achieving the Kyoto targets for the reduction of greenhouse gases. Tulikivi is the first company in its sector to calculate the carbon footprint of its fireplaces: the impact of the Tulikivi fireplace manufacturing process is offset in as little as 1-2 years.

Tulikivi fireplaces burn cleanly, exceeding even the toughest emissions standards. It is possible to use either wood or energy-efficient wood pellets in your Tulikivi fireplace.