Tulikivi's Strategy

Tulikivi in the future

  • The company’s strategy will continue to be based on Finnish heating expertise, the company’s strong brand and its own soapstone reserves.
  • The key goal is to grow the turnover in near future. The efficiency- and centralization efforts undertaken in recent years together with growing turnover enable a clear improvement in profitability.
  • Despite its unsatisfactory financial performance, Tulikivi has up-to-date product families that are competitive
    in terms of their design, modularity and technical properties. The company has successfully launched a
    new collection of ceramic fireplaces. Additionally Tulikivi is bringing a new collection of soapstone fireplaces
    to the market in spring 2017.
  • In Finland growth is achieved by investments in professional construction market and the market for
    prefabricated houses.
  • In addition, the company has continued to expand its international operations and gained a foothold in
    Central Europe, Russia and Eastern Europe in order to ensure profitable growth.