Sauna heaters

The surface temperature of a Tulikivi sauna heater remains low enough that it does not need to be enclosed and also requires a shorter safety distance than other heaters on the market. A Tulikivi sauna heater is so compact that it can be installed wherever you wish. Its high-quality construction, natural materials and components combine to give you many years of relaxation and enjoyment in your sauna. We have both wood-burning and electric saunas in our range to suit all your needs, including models that are suitable for smoke saunas and communal saunas.

We at Tulikivi know better than anyone what it is people want from their sauna. Our sauna heaters offer an innovative solution with their distinctive, modern design that makes them an integral part of your sauna oasis. They allow you to adjust the temperature to the nearest degree, thereby reducing your energy consumption considerably. They also enable you to adjust the heater and sauna room temperatures independently of each other so that you can choose a more gentle or more intense sauna experience. We provide 60 kilos of small sauna stones to ensure a pleasant level of humidity in your sauna.

Our modern sauna heater designs and the wide range of cladding options we provide will help you to have the sauna you have always wanted, and one that will stand the test of time. The modular design of our saunas means you can remove and replace the cladding as required, for example when your sauna room is being renovated. Our high-quality materials are something entirely new in the sector. Aesthetics are always our primary consideration when helping to ensure you have a truly relaxing sauna experience.