Safety distances

Ceramic fireplaces are designed to produce a maximum surface temperature of 80ºC. The nominal efficiency of the stove, which is equivalent to the fuel consumption with the stove in normal use, is expressed in kilowatts. For a stove with a hot surface, the safety distances from structures or furnishings made of flammable materials are 50 mm horizontally and 150 mm vertically. A 20 mm ventilation gap should be left between the prefabricated frame and a non-flammable wall. This will ensure that a 5 mm join to allow for movement is left between the tile surface and the wall.

There must be at least 1000 mm of free space in front of the stove. A floor made of a flammable material must be protected by a non-flammable material for at least 100 mm on both sides of the door and for at least 400 mm in front of the stove. The safety distance from the inside surface of a steel connection flue to a flammable material is 230 mm. The connection flue should be covered with fire resistant cladding at least 10 mm in thickness.