Interior Stone Business

The main products in the Interior product group are countertops made of different natural or composite stone materials and tiling for different rooms in the home. Tulikivi has an extensive interior stone product collection.

In home construction, natural stone is a genuine and timeless material that is extremely well suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms and for floors, walls and stairs. Each stone product is individual and unique, and natural stone products can be combined almost limitlessly. As an interior design material, natural stone is eco-friendly and fire safe and it also raises the value of the home, because stone wears better than many other surface materials.

Tulikivi also has a large paving stone collection that includes products for path and patio paving, garden borders, wall cladding, stairs and other uses in a garden or yard.

The Interior product group’s most important customer segment consists of Finnish fitted kitchen suppliers, with which Tulikivi works very closely. Products are also sold directly to home builders and renovators who appreciate the natural aesthetic quality, eco-friendliness and durability of Tulikivi’s interior stone products.

The Interior products are mostly manufactured at Tulikivi’s own factory in Espoo, and their principal market is Finland. Soapstone interior design products and countertops are also manufactured for export to various project sites abroad.

Soapstone tiles are Tulikivi’s specialty. They are very handy especially for bathroom floors as they are not slippery even when wet. In spaces with floor-heating the heat-retaining capability of soapstone comes to its full potential.