Clean combustion and advanced technology

Tulikivi fireplaces and sauna heaters all burn with high efficiency. Only a small quantity of wood is required, which burns cleanly and produces very little ash. Our fireplaces exceed even the toughest of emissions standards and the heat they generate can even be connected to a Thermal Store and hot water system.

We have invested heavily in technology to ensure our products are efficient, economical, environmentally friendly, easy to use and of the highest standards. So, for example, our Tulikivi sauna heaters have a control unit that enables you to regulate the temperature to the nearest degree: this may not make a huge difference to the heat output, but it certainly makes a difference in terms of energy consumption. Being able to adjust the temperature in the sauna room and of the heater independently serves to provide a gentle, humid sauna experience. For many more examples of intelligent Tulikivi technology, please visit our product section of the website.