With a single firing, the Kinos sauna stove provides a soft, comfortable sauna experience and an atmospheric fireplace for your home. The Kinos sauna stove is fired through a door that opens into a room next to the sauna. In other words, you do not need to go into the sauna to add wood while heating it. A soapstone sauna stove frame can be installed around the large glass door of the heater, turning the firebox into a modern and stylish fireplace.


  • Innovative Finnish design.
  • Excellent efficiency and low emissions.
  • Large glass door and a simple but elegant handle.
  • The height of the optional protective ring is adjustable.
  • The large stone compartment provides lasting, humid and soft heat.

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Dimensions and drawings

Width500 mm
Depth600 mm
Height900 mm
Weight300 kg
Firebox width300 mm
Firebox depth400 mm

Heating technology

Heater output20 kW
Size of sauna room (m 3 )8-20
Flue classT600
Amount of sauna heater stones60 kg

Safety distances and flue connections

Flue connection details
Recommended flue size and diameter of round flue1/2 kiven hormi, ø 125 mm
Dimension of flue connection opening (mm)0
Location of smoke outlet on top (from the rear edge to middle of the outlet)175 mm
Smoke outlet diameter115 mm