Less is more. The simple and stylish Tulikivi Rae heater is the finishing touch for your sauna, no matter whether you choose the dark-grey granite or white marble surface. Placed on the sauna stones, the Deco White decorative stones crown the graceful looks of the heater. Connect the Rae heater to a Tulikivi Touch Screen control unit and you can programme both the heating time and temperature to match your preferences. The heater can be connected to a KNX building automation system.

Colour/surface options

Dimensions and materials

Width (mm)400
Height (mm)950
Depth (mm)400
Weight without heater stones
Outer casingmarmori
Control methoderillinen ohjauskeskus, KNX
Heater adjustment feet (mm)20
Choose power:

Electrical fittings

Power (kW)
Control unit
Amount of stones, kg (max)
Three-phase operating voltage400V
Cable (mm2)

Safety distances

Sauna size, minimum
Sauna size, maximum
Sauna height, minimum
Safety distance to side wall
Safety distance front, to feet bench (mm)
Safety distance to ceiling (mm)

Order codes and SSTL number

ModelPowerProduct codeSSTL numberEAN code