Electric elements

You can heat a Tulikivi fireplace with electricity. Fireplace versatility can be increased by installing elements in the heating channels. You can do this with almost all Tulikivi models.

You can benefit from off-peak electricity using these elements. Heat can be stored during the night at lower rates for you to enjoy next day. You can heat your fireplace with electricity when your house is empty, or when there isn’t time to use wood. A Tulikivi fireplace’s pleasant radiant heat is always ready for you to enjoy.

Heating with electricity also works in perfect harmony with wood heating. You can heat your fireplace with wood, electricity or both at the same time. Convenient, isn’t it?

This symbol tells you that the fireplace can be fitted with electric elements. Note! The electric elements are easiest to install during the installation of the fireplace itself. Our authorized Tulikivi installer will take care of the connections inside the fireplace.