Soapstone deposits

Tulikivi’s soapstone quarries

Tulikivi’s entire business relies on adequate soapstone reserves. Tulikivi keeps pace with its continuous financial growth by seeking stone reserves and ensuring their quality. Currently, Tulikivi possesses explored soapstone reserves that will last for about 65 years at the present production rate. We aim to further increase our raw material reserves and are continually exploring and surveying new deposits.

Tulikivi Corporation’s soapstone quarries are located in Juuka, Suomussalmi and Kuhmo, Finland.


Soapstone deposits around the world

There are over a hundred known soapstone deposits in Finland, most of which are in Eastern Finland. Finnish geologist Benjamin Frosterus, one of the founders of Finska Täljsten Ab (Suomen Vuolukivi Oy), surveyed Eastern Finland’s soapstone reserves as far back as the turn of the 20th century. He decided on the soapstone area in Juuka, which is held to be one of the best in the world in terms of quantity and quality. The majority of Tulikivi’s soapstone is quarried from this area.

Talc and soapstone deposits are found all across the globe. There are extensive soapstone deposits in the United States, Canada, and in the Ural and Karelia regions of Russia. The best and most extensive soapstone deposits are in the Nordic countries located in Finland.