Optional surfaces

Optional surfaces are available, they can bring a custom look to our fireplaces. The surface and the functional characteristics of the stones used by Tulikivi for its soapstone fireplaces can be altered through different finishing techniques.

Rough face surface

The appeal of the natural, irregular look. Rough face stones are used for decorations and special effects on our soapstone fireplaces. For special orders, Tulikivi can create entire fireplaces from rough face  stones. Rough face can not be done on round surfaces. 



Rigata surface

The Rigata surface lends a new dimension to soapstone fireplaces. The grooving breaks up the smooth surface, giving the fireplace a lighter look. The Rigata surface can be used in place of straight, smooth surfaces. The cornerpieces, shelves and other inlays of Rigata-surfaced products have polished surfaces.


Brushed surface

Brushing brings out the different minerals in the stone and lightens its color. The softest rock materials are brushed away to a greater extent than harder ones, so hard minerals form their own patterns on the surface of the stone. This treatment brings life to the stone’s surface. A brushed surface works best with Tulikivi Sky and Tulikivi Blue soapstones.


Tulikivi Classic soapstone

Tulikivi Classic is the most popular soapstone for our fireplaces. The overall shade of traditional Tulikivi Classic soapstone varies from light grey to dark, pearl grey. It has the color variations characteristic of natural stone, which bring the surface to life.



 Tulikivi Sky soapstone

Tulikivi Sky soapstone has a lively, cloud pattern. All our standard models can also be ordered in Tulikivi Sky soapstone. Tulikivi Sky cannot be used for cylindrical components.





Tulikivi Blue soapstone

Tulikivi Blue soapstone is blueish in color with strong, light-colored streaks that either run in one direction or form a web-like pattern. All our standard models can also be ordered in Tulikivi Blue soapstone. Tulikivi Blue cannot be used for cylindrical components.