Technology of Tulikivi design stoves

The heart of Tulikivi's design stoves is their clean burning stove insert. The big glass door and the stees constructions of the stove guarantee a fast heat transfer to the room right from the first load of firewood. The body of the stoves is made of soapstone, which stores and gently releases the heat during and after heating the fireplace. Thanks to the controlled flow of combustion air, the flames burn for a long time, even with a small charge of wood.

The lightest design stove models can even be installed on top of a wooden floor construction. However in this case, a non flammable hearth or pedestal is required. Suitable materials are metal sheets or soapstone tiling, which also serve as spark catchers near the stove's door. (Verify the required stability of your floor before installation.)

When installed in a corner, the design stoves are connected to the flue via top connection. The design stoves are not recommended as the main source of heating, but as an additional source of heat in conjunction with another heating system or for creating a cozy atmosphere.

1. Door opening upwards, the glass is easy to clean.
2. Automatical comustion air control - beautiful flames.
3. The Model Kaita i12 can be equiped with additional heat storage mass to increase it's capacity.
4. Gentle and pleasant release of heat stored in soapstone cladding.

5. Rapid release of convection heat via warm air.

Surface temperatures of stone cladding with models Kaita i11 (465 kg) and Kiviverhousten pinta-alapainotetut lämpötilat sisustustakkamalleissa Kaita i11 (470 kg) ja Kaita i12 with 2 additional heat storage sets (870 kg). Heating time according to user manual 6 hours.