Pellet system P10

You can make your Tulikivi fireplace even more efficient by using the pellet-burning system Tulikivi Green P10. It is compatible with Tulikivi fireplaces that have the following label: .

The Tulikivi Green P10 pellet system makes use of the Tulikivi-patented whirlbox technology, which ensures clean burning through an effective mixture of combustion gases and combustion air. This means that you only need one pellet loading for heating a category 2 Tulikivi fireplace.

High-quality pellet fuel is characterised by its uniform quality and clean combustion. During the early stages of the combustion, the combustion air is directed onto the top of the pellet bed as secondary air. At the final stages of the combustion, the primary air penetrates the pellet bed, completing the burning process.

Please note: the availability of Tulikivi Green products varies by market area.