Tulikivi Green - W10 water-heating system

Almost three quarters of household energy consumption is for heating the home and producing hot water. With the Tulikivi Green W10 water-heating system a substantial part of this heat can be produced using bioenergy, i.e. firewood, thus cutting costs. The system does not affect the way in which the fireplace is fired, and the fireplace can be used normally, as specified in the user manual.

At the heart of the water-heating system is a Tulikivi fireplace, with a heat transfer package installed. Through it, the heat is directed to the circulating water. The heat energy transferred to the water can be stored in a combined energy storage unit. Since the heat is taken directly from the fireplace’s heat-retaining soapstone, the system is safe and temperatures do not reach dangerously high levels at any point.

The Tulikivi Green W10 water-heating system can also be connected to solar collectors and underfloor heating.

Please note: the availability of Tulikivi Green products varies by market area.

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