The Valkia is a stylish hybrid fireplace that brings together efficient heating technology and great interior design. The carefully considered horizontals bring rhythm to the design, and the natural stone surface can be either smooth or ribbed. You may choose a single door design or one with a door on both sides (Valkia 2D), making the Valkia a great space divider.

Colour/surface options


  • Stylish, easy to use and well sealed doors and air controls.
  • A hybrid fireplace that can be fitted with the Tulikivi P10 pellet system or the W10-water circulation system.
  • An efficient heat plant for many kinds of needs.
  • A long heat release time and a tightly sealed structure. A great choice for low-energy homes.
  • Its high efficiency saves wood.
  • Very low particulate and carbon monoxide emissions, surpassing even the world’s toughest emissions standards.

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Dimensions and drawings

Width44.1 in
Depth20.5 in
Height60.2 in
Weight3219 lbs
Firebox width14.2 in
Firebox depth10.6 in

Heating technology

Maximum amount of wood33.1 lbs
Energy intensity55,6 kWh
Area to be heated431-969ft2
Heat release time,% of maximum power (h)
3 h (100%)
19,4 h (50%)
32,2 h (25%)
Flue classT400

Safety distances and flue connections

Safety distances
Back20 in
Side14 in
Flue connection details
Recommended flue size and diameter of round flue
ø 5.9...7.1 in
Top vent

Optional extras

The optional extras will make your fireplace better and more efficient - take a look at such equipment as the water heating system and electrical resistors. Fireplace tools, hearth tiles and cleaning materials all help to keep your fireplace clean and tidy.

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Tulikivi Green product information
Pellet system P10
Pellet grateOU00386
Pellet load13 kg
Not available in USA/CAN
Water heat exchanger system W10
Top vent heat exchangerOU02222
Base vent heat exchangerOU02139
More about the W10 water heat exchanger system