Tulikivi Announces New Distributor in Minnesota

Published 01/28/2011

Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces Provides Green Masonry Heating Solutions
Minneapolis, MN – Tulikivi announces Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces as a new distributor to its family of North America distributors. This new distributor is authorized to install Tulikivi fireplaces in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, upper Michigan and North/South Dakota.
According to Peter Solac, owner of Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces, his interest in customer service started when he was in high school, working in a traditional hardware store in Hastings, Minnesota. When he graduated from the University of Minnesota, where he studied business administration and economics, the United States was experiencing the 1977 oil shortage.
“I had the opportunity to start Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces, these were heady days in the woodstove business and a most interesting time to cut ones teeth in business ownership,” Solac said. “From my experience I have learned that the most efficient way to turn firewood into heat is with masonry heaters and this led me to the soapstone Tulikivi fireplaces from Finland. This centuries old European tradition continues to be developed today,” he added.
Prior to becoming a Tulikivi distributor, Solac served Tulikivi as a dealer for over 10 years. Solac explained that the Tulikivi soapstone masonry heater is versatile for heating and baking as well as embodies diverse and elegant architectural forms in way that functions in old and new homes. He continued explaining that Tulikivi provides clean combustion that boasts emissions levels below regulations, its use can offset the carbon footprint, and fueled by a renewable energy source makes it a green heating alternative. Tulikivi provides the best green alternative for wood burning. The gentle radiant warmth provided by a Tulikivi is more energy-efficient than the dry convection heat of a traditional wood burner. Two natural resources, soapstone and wood bring natural warmth to life.
Tulikivi fireplaces were installed by Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces in the Lebanon Hills Visitor Center in Eagan, Minnesota as well as the McColl Pond Environmental Learning Center in Savage, Minnesota, both designed by architect Paul Anderson, The Environmental Education Studio Partners & SIRNY Architects, Minneapolis. Both projects have achieved LEED certification.
For more information on Woodland Stoves and Fireplaces, visit www.woodlandstoves.com.
Press contact:
Michelle A. Drager, APR