Phases of a Stone Project

Service is half the product - even with natural stone

Contrary to what many people think, stone is not one of the more difficult interior decoration materials to work with. And dealing with Tulikivi is enough to soften the stoniest of hearts.

If you’re interested in using stone to decorate your home, start by popping in to a Tulikivi Showroom and talking to our salespeople. Or tug the sleeve of one of our installer.

You can weigh up the best options with them, and they will help you choose a suitable stone and surface treatment. If you want, they’ll make you an end-to-end offer. Just ask. As well as natural stone, you’ll also find suitable adhesives and grouting at Tulikivi Showrooms, as well as Tulikivi Care protective and cleaning products, which you can use to keep your stone surface beautiful even under hard wear.

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