KTU1337/91 Corner fireplace

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Width40.2 in, 1020 mm
Depth33 in, 838 mm
Height65 in, 1650 mm
Weight 3439 lbs, 1560 kg
Firebox width 360 mm
Firebox depth 310 mm

Heating technology

Maximum amount of wood per heating session12,8 kg
Stored energy43 kWh
Recommended heating area40-90 m2
Time of heat output in percent of maximum output
4,8 h (100%)
15,5 h (50%)
27,2 h (25%)

Recommended diameter of flue

ø 175...210 mm

Safety distances

Rear50 cm / 20 inch
Side35 cm / 14 inch
Front120 cm / 48 inch
Above25 cm / 10 inch
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