Custom made fireplaces

Our excellent fireplaces fit into any house and interior design. Our custom design service further expands the possibilities of designing a suitable fireplace for every space. Share ideas of your ideal Tulikivi fireplace and we can bring it to life. A sketch, photograph, or magazine clip that shows your personal style is always welcome. Our designers will use it to draw up the final design.

The following guidelines will help you design the fireplace of your dreams:

1.) What Is the Most Important Feature of Your Fireplace?
Do you want evenings by the fire rich in atmosphere, an efficient source of heat or a proper baking oven? Even though many custom-made fireplaces combine all three properties, one of them is surely the most important to you. 

2.) Select the Most Suitable Model.
Consider also the changes to size and appearance that you wish to make. 

3.) Tell Us Your Wishes.
You can use drawings, photographs, newspaper cutouts, measurements and explanations. One of the most important bits of information is where the fireplace will be located. If you are replacing your old fireplace, take a few photos of it. You can mark the spot where the fireplace’s fl ue is and possibly sketch the outlines of your new fireplace. Based on these sketches, we will make precise plans according to which your new fireplace will be custom-made.

Architects especially love our products

I find that Tulikivi masonry heaters, with their high efficiency, their built for a lifetime quality, and their gentle heat, are the perfect complement to my timber framed homes. For the last 20 years, Tulikivi’s have been dependably heating my own home and office.”
Jack A. Sobon, Architect Windsor, Massachusetts

Working with the Tulikivi products is a joy. Customization is limited only by the buyer’s imagination. There always seems to be a standard model of the right size, proportion and function in which to add details or textures to suit the customer’s taste. In the rare case where the right standard unit doesn’t exist, Tulikivi’s modular design allows infinite possibilities in creating a totally new unit. The modification doesn’t affect the function. Regardless of the finishes a Tulikivi always warms your home.
Rann Haight, Architect, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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