Tulikivi's compact new heat-retaining HIISI fireplace offers an attractive alternative to standard room heaters

Published 02/17/2012

Despite their compact size, Tulikivi’s new Hiisi fireplaces produce heat very effectively, and this is experienced as pleasant radiant heat. The Hiisi is a low-emission hybrid fireplace with a firebox that can burn both pellets and wood. Two different models of the Hiisi fireplace are in production, both of which are clad with horizontally ribbed soapstone. The Hiisi fireplaces will be launched in Finland in July 2012.

Energy-efficient Hiisi fireplaces meet future emissions standards

The Hiisi is Tulikivi’s smallest heat-retaining fireplace and is especially well suited to modern low-energy construction projects. The Hiisi differs from standard room-heating stoves in that these are not normally heat-retaining. The Hiisi’s heat-retaining soapstone releases heat more slowly, and in the form of soft, pleasant radiant heat.

“The Hiisi fireplaces are very efficient, low emission heat sources, and they already meet the world’s tightest emissions standards set for 2015. Despite their compact size, the Hiisi models are hybrid fireplaces, which means that both pellets and wood can be burned in their fireboxes without the need for any further equipment or accessories. This is new in fireplaces of this size,” says Jari Sutinen, Tulikivi’s Product Development Manager.

Uncluttered design with attractive tactile surface

The Hiisi design is the work of design office Provoke. The new Hiisi fireplaces, clad in horizontally ribbed soapstone, will be launched in July 2012 and will be available in two different sizes, the Hiisi 1 and the Hiisi 2. The horizontal ribbing gives the Hiisi fireplaces an attractive tactile surface that can be emphasised using a light source at the top or bottom of the fireplace or behind it. The ribbing also gives the surface of the soapstone a lighter and brighter feel. The Hiisi fireplaces are a modern, streamlined design with no visible air intake vents or doors for ash removal and cleaning that would otherwise interfere with the look of the fireplace. Newly built homes often allow combustion air to be taken from directly under the fireplace, while in renovations it is usually taken from the indoor environment via a replacement air grill. Ash is removed through the firebox door, and the soot hatches are hidden behind the outermost stones at the top of the fireplace. The streamlined design is enhanced by a door that is flush with the front of the fireplace.

The Hiisi fireplaces come with a large double-glazed door as standard, which helps ensure the appropriate rate of heat transfer into the room. The handle is an integral part of the door’s lower edge, stylishly recessed so as to be flush with the surface of the door. The door has an easy combustion control function based on controlling the air intake, and the border around the glass nicely frames the view of the fire.

Hiisi 1, dimensions 120 x 85 x 61 cm

Hiisi 2, dimensions 168 x 61 x 61 cm

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