Tulikivi’s Finnish Soapstone is A High-Quality Surface Material for The Home

Published 03/21/2014

Tulikivi’s genuine soapstone is durable and of high quality and an excellent surface material for the home. Natural stone is the perfect flooring material for wet spaces: soapstone absorbs noise and is not slippery to walk on, even when wet. Because of its heat-retaining capacity, soapstone is an excellent choice for spaces with floor heating. Natural stone is a stylish material and can thus also be used as a surface material in living rooms or to create interesting fittings such as shelves and countertops. Tulikivi has the largest selection of Finnish-made interior stone products on the market.

Soapstone can withstand wear and moisture, and is a luxurious but practical surface material for bathrooms and other spaces. Natural stone is a safe choice as a flooring material for wet rooms because it is not slippery, even when wet. The natural stone has a dense, non-porous surface, which means that it is maintenance-free. When used with modern heating systems, natural stone provides excellent slow-release heat storage. Soapstone is also a quiet material. Instead of reflecting and magnifying sounds, it actually absorbs them. The smooth and pleasant surface texture makes Tulikivi’s soapstone a perfect flooring material.

Natural stone is a high-quality and durable interior furnishing material, which raises the value of your home. Different types of natural stone can be combined almost endlessly and they also go with wooden surfaces. This fits perfectly with the latest interior decoration trends which focus on natural materials. You can add a personal touch by combining different types of stone and tiles of different sizes and with a suitable tiling pattern. Natural stone is ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, but it can also be used as a surface material on floors, walls and stairs in entrance halls and living rooms. Countertops, window sills and shelves made of stone will provide a room with a unique ambience.

The beautiful surface textures of a natural stone mosaic and the different shades of colour will give walls and floors a distinctive character. You can create a uniform surface or one with squares of different colours, depending on the colour of the grout and tile sizes. Natural stone is a multifaceted material and you can change its appearance and qualities by applying different surface finishes. A polished surface will highlight the colour and the patterns of the stone, and a matte polished or antique brushed surface will create a softer and a more subtle appearance.

Additional information: Tulikivi Corporation, www.tulikivi.com/en
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