Tulikivi exhibits for the first time at the Hearth & Home show in Harrogate (UK)

Release: 06/05/2014

June 8-10th

Tulikivi Oyj

Tulikivi Corporation is a publicly listed, family business from Finland specialising in stone pro-cessing. Its business areas are Fireplaces and Natural Stone Products. The Tulikivi Group ranks among Europe’s five largest processors of stone.

Tulikivi's range of products includes soapstone fireplaces, bake ovens, cook stoves, custom-made products and sauna stoves. In addition, we supply soapstone lining stones to European heater manufacturers. In terms of their design and technology, our products represent the best in the industry, and we are continually developing our products and services in line with our customers’ needs. The main market areas for the Fireplace Business are Europe, Russia and North America.

Tulikivi fireplaces

As weIl as creating a cosy atmosphere, Tulikivi soapstone fireplaces significantly reduce heating costs. The magic of a heat-retaining fireplace is based on the excellent heat-storing properties of soapstone. In the event of a power cut, a Tulikivi fireplace will not leave you cold, as it will contin-ue to radiate heat for about 24 hours on just one load of wood.

Firewood burns quickly and efficiently in a Tulikivi soapstone fireplace, and during the burning process, the fireplace’s stone quickly absorbs the heat. The fireplace then releases the heat even-ly into the room’s air in the form of gentle heat radiation. In this way, the air retains a stable and comfortably warm temperature over a long period of time.

A wood-burning Tulikivi fireplace is an energy-saving, alternative method of heating that will pro-vide a homely atmosphere in both modern and more traditional homes. The high-quality design and wide range of models guarantee that the fireplaces offer a combination of beauty and utility.

Carefully tested products

Heat-retaining fireplaces that use wood as fuel have grown in popularity in the past few years, due to the high price of oil and electricity. When burnt properly, wood is both a traditional and environmentally friendly source of energy. Correctly designed fireplaces and dry firewood are es-pecially important, as they guarantee clean combustion. Manufactured in Finland, Tulikivi’s fire-places have been tested at the company’s own laboratories as well as by well-known independent testing institutes in Europe and the United States. The fireplaces comply with the world’s strictest emissions standards. Tulikivi also has an ISO 9001 quality certificate.

Tulikivi in the UK

Tulikivi UK will open a large show room in Cirencester later this summer, its goal being to have a broad dealer network throughout the UK to provide excellent service to all Tulikivi UK customers.

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