HIISI 3 Fireplace

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Width850 mm
Depth610 mm
Height1245 mm
Weight1110 kg
Firebox width295 mm
Firebox depth400 mm
Declaration of Performance

Heating technology

Efficiency85 %/84 %
Maximum amount of wood per heating session8 kg/7 kg
Stored energy30/29 kWh
Recommended heating area20-60 m2
Time of heat output in percent of maximum output
4,5h (100%)
15,6h (50%)
25,2h (25%)

Safety distances (Europe)

Rear10 cm
Side15 cm

Recommended diameter of flue

ø 150...180 mm
Tulikivi Green product information, item codes
Pellet grate(Standard)Pellet load7 kg
Pellet grate(Standard)Pellet load7 kg
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* Firewood/Pellets

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